Your Brand. Two feet at a time. 

From Fully-Custom Woven to Embroidered and to Dye Sublimation, you’ll have a wide variety for your custom sock project. We specialize in creating the perfect product for many industries and venues:

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California knit custom woven socks that lasts for years. 

From no-show to knee-high, we can custom weave a wide variety of socks with diverse features. These are the most competitive and high quality socks in the industry.

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Dye Sublimation Socks: quick and vibrant.

Dye Sublimation Socks serve as an outstanding promotion for quick turnaround times, printing full color 4-process logos, and imprinting a full color intricate pattern.

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Hybrid Socks combine the best of both custom sock worlds.

A special creation of our own, we combine our superior quality of a custom knit sock with the speed and the flexibility of dye sublimation.

ASI: 54520

PPAI: 113688


SAGE: 56034


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