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We have three different process of socks we can use: Custom Woven Socks, Dye Sublimation Socks, and Hybrid Socks.

Custom Woven Socks serve as the Gold Standard for fully customizable socks. Offering the highest quality within a customized knit. We have our own factory in Southern California.

Dye Sublimation allows us to work with lower minimums and higher resolution logos. We can imprint 4 color process logos and will have more options for your budget.

Hybrid Socks bring the best of both worlds together. We custom weave our own socks and have a polyester area to imprint your logo or pattern.

You can request a sample by going to one of our products, and ordering it like you would on Amazon. Add to your cart, and apply a UPS or FedEx shipper number, and we can get some samples right to you. We can also ship USPS as well.

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