1. How long does it take to make a custom sock order?

Domestic Custom woven:  15 days. 5 days for pre pro sample proof, 10 days production:

Domestic Dye Sub:  5 days

Domestic Dye Sub Hybrids 5 days

Overseas Custom Woven: 45 days. 10 days for pre pro sample proof, 35 days production.

Overseas Dye Sub:  30 days,  7 days for pre pro sample proof, 23 days production.

Overseas add Silicon rubber grippers: 10 days

Overseas add embroidery:  14 days

2. What sizes do you offer?

Our socks are super stretchy so the sizing standards are flexible. Also, youths tend to grow unevenly. Use this size chart as a guideline, ages can and do overlap. Note that these are averages.  Our standard unisex adult socks will fit 80% of people aged 14+

Kids Small 3-6:  Age 3+

Kids Medium 6-8:  Age 6+

Youth Large 9-11:  Age 12+

Women’s osfa 9 – 11 :  Age 12+ Women

Unisex:  One size fits most adults

Men’s osfa 10-13:  Age 13+ Men

Mens XL 13-16: Big Men

Mens XXL  16-19: Sasquatch dude.

3. Where are your socks made?

We have a domestic factory in Southern California, birthplace of skater street sock cool.  We manufacture premium quality Pima cotton socks in all styles from no show to knee high. 

We have two overseas factory partners in South Korea and China that can produce any style of sock with any material. Budget socks to premium quality private label retail brands. High end socks are our specialty.  

4. How many colors can you use?

Up to 6 Pantone color matched yarns can be used per sock. Domestically, we have over 100 Pantone matched color yarns to choose from.

Overseas, we have over 900 Pantone matched sock yarns to match your color  Multiple images and multiple logo locations are all included.

5. How can I send in my design?

You can upload your artwork pattern or logos to our online website. Or you can email your images to our art department and we will produce several sock styles for  review. 

We can accept any art file formats. Vector art is preferred but not required.PDF, , AI, Corel, Paint,  Hand drawing, Bar Napkin, etc. 

6. What are your minimums?

Domestic Custom Woven Socks: 60 pair

Domestic Dye Sub Hybrids: 24 pair

Domestic Dye Sub White: 24 pair

Overseas Custom Woven Socks: 144 pair

Overseas Dye Sub white: 500 pair

Overseas Silicon Rubber sole grips: 500 pair

Overseas Embroidery added: 288 pair

7. Are there any restrictions?

First off, let’s see what‘s not limited! We do full customization of your sock design. All over images, step and repeat designs, cool skater stripes, multi geometric, anything you can dream up, we can do. See our gallery of sock world examples.

We can knit socks with up to 6 colors per sock design. Color and detail can affect each other so a lot of detail can limit the amount of color and vice versa. Simple, elegant designs work best, but we can try any design.  Socks are designed and knit on a grid pattern which transfers into around 26 dpi. Small text has to be at least 3/16” tall. Straight fonts work best for readability and we try to have at least 2 pixel wide lettering for good visibility. Italicized fonts and fonts with serifs are more difficult and usually have to be a little larger to work well. 

Here is a pic of the Stand up to Cancer socks digitizing process. Molecule logo and all over pattern:

8. Can you split by sizes?

Domestic custom woven minimum size split is 72 pair.

Overseas custom woven minimum size split is 288 pair.

9. Do you do specialty socks?

Yes we make any type of sock you can think of. Here are a few:

Diabetic socks

Compression socks

Yoga socks

Toe socks

Toeless socks