What are Hybrids? 

You might know the term “Hybrid” from the revolution in car manufacturing, especially the Toyota Prius. This takes a car operated by gasoline and electricity to create a mixed creation – a hybrid. Our innovation in custom socks takes after model and introduces socks with two aspects mixed together: quality and detail.

Our custom woven socks are Made in USA with the finest quality. The Dye-sublimation process does allow us to take in-stock socks and imprint vibrant full color 4 process logos. These imprints can be single-imprints, patterns, and detailed logos. We created some socks custom woven, mostly with pima-cotton, with areas with polyester, allowing the dye-sublimation process.

Our Stock Hybrid Sock

hybrid cyan sock

Your Artwork

vw artwork 3

Complete Hybrid Sock

cyana aqua vw logo